Self-Portrait Idea’s

My first idea for my Self-Portrait project is to create I piece of kit that will allow you the user, in this case me to take a photograph and myself and have it break down into a puzzle like a jigsaw using Processing and then you the user will be able to alter the shape size and color to build an abstract vision of myself.
The idea behind this is to allow people to show how they feel I should look and is just a bit of fun to allow me to go here I am change whatever you like.

My second idea is every similar to the first but this time using various types of video’s that when put together by the user interacting with the size and shape of the video to create a moving self portrait. (but these do seem very complex idea’s)

This will be done using very similar to the technology used in Microsoft’s surface computer in which I have found a blue print to make your own the money problem is the cost even though this is something I very much want to do perhaps there is a cheaper alternative that is just as good or perhaps even better using projections, some more research is needed on this technology and into the software I am going to use such as processing which I can’t wait to start using, below is a short example into what i want the image to be able to do, this is also what I like about this project the interaction giving people the chance to manipulate digital images using there fingertips to do magical things.


About michaelmoore32

An aspiring director and designer of films and visual effects. I love creating various media products of all shapes and sizes. I have recently gone on to broadening my horizons looking towards interactive media which including video mapping as away to display work and also as an advertising platform for products. Check out some of my work on my Blog,YouTube and also follow me on Twitter where I will keep you up to date on work I am currently working on and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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