Self-Portrait Idea (Hardware and Software)

For my self-portrait idea the hardware needed for my idea is quite simple all I need is to make the touch screen work on any hard surface is a projector, a wii remote, a computer and two LED pens which are dead easy to make. I found all this out after doing some research into Johnny Chung Lee, Liam on of our lectures suggested I look at after I spoke to him about my idea.
I found all this extremely helpful and very interesting the only problem now is the software to create allow the image of myself to be manipulated by the user. In my research so far I have found a few piece’s of open source software Boon Jin and Smooth Board which is a enhancement on Johnny Lee’s own software he created, I also have a suspicion I can use Processing or Max MSP two pieces of software we are learning to use on my course at AUCB, but I need to do more research in this so keep checking back and I will let you know what I find out in the mean time check out this Johnny Lee’s videos on You Tube.


About michaelmoore32

An aspiring director and designer of films and visual effects. I love creating various media products of all shapes and sizes. I have recently gone on to broadening my horizons looking towards interactive media which including video mapping as away to display work and also as an advertising platform for products. Check out some of my work on my Blog,YouTube and also follow me on Twitter where I will keep you up to date on work I am currently working on and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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