Titles Sequences

Titles are arguably the most important to the film as these set the audience up for what is going to be happen in the film. Now the title sequence to David Fincher’s film Se7en is what I think one of the best title sequences I have ever seen, I love the footage he uses the music score really enhances the the footage and along with the font which to me looks like it has been scratched into the screen.

Check it out let us know what you think.


About michaelmoore32

An aspiring director and designer of films and visual effects. I love creating various media products of all shapes and sizes. I have recently gone on to broadening my horizons looking towards interactive media which including video mapping as away to display work and also as an advertising platform for products. Check out some of my work on my Blog,YouTube and also follow me on Twitter where I will keep you up to date on work I am currently working on and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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