9.1 Surround Sound and more

9.1 surround sound now most people like myself before we started on this unit only really new about 5.1 surround sound and a little bit about 7.1 surround sound but after doing a little bit of research this caught my eye 9.1 surround sound,

“It’s true that most sources at the moment have 5.1 surround sound. Expect this to change in the future.

That said, a 7.1-channel A/V receiver will include technology that creates the two additional rear channels in a 7.1 system from any 5.1 source. The extra channels improve the surround sound 3D audio effect, particularly the ambience. And you’ll be ready when native 7.1-channel content becomes more common.”

what 9.1 does is it goes a step further than the 7.1 and adds height to sound particularly atmospheric sound such as wind and rain it also will add height to  music scores also this is something i would love to hear for myself to see if you could hear a storm coming over head and such. What we have done is taken the 7.1 system looked at those two extra speakers and replaced those to speakers for the binaural sound recording which could come through speakers in the head rests of your sofa or thorough headphones which would ideally be wireless or could be plugged into your AV receiver creating a kind of 6.1 as we are missing the subwoofer to take all the low frequency sounds such as base ect…

9.1 Surround Sound video

“A 9.1-channel system adds two front height channels to a 7.1-channel system. The height channels add more depth and spaciousness to the sound. Height channels require specific technology, such as Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz, built into the receiver. With this technology, the height channels can also be part of a 7.1 system, as an alternative to the usual rear surrounds.

Height audio is derived from spatial cues that occur naturally in soundtracks, so you won’t need any special sources.”

also these days you can also get a 22.1 surround sound set-up which i personally feel is too much, but i guess i can not say that really as i have not experienced it’s set up in its full glory.

(below is an example of how it could be set-up)


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