Evaluation (Professional Project)


 Idea 1, Projections for the Leeds International Film Festival I really wanted to look into doing 3D video mapping projections onto a building, I then went on to look at possible buildings I could project onto and had two in mind Leeds town hall and the civic hall located in millennium square and I then continued and with this idea and started to do research into the film festival itself. Identified categories for each of the various parts of the festival. I also looked at getting hold of building plans for both the town and civic halls and found where I could get a hold of them I then went onto speak to the model making department at the Arts University College Bournemouth asking for there help creating a model of both the buildings but sadly they were very busy working on there own projects that is where the project died really I should have pushed on and created a basic model myself using foam board. So I then moved onto Idea number two.

 Idea 2, So I went a little Tie Dye mad and came up with an idea for an ad campaign for DYLON the make of the Hand Fabric Dye I was using. The main Premise was add a little colour to your life or because Life is full of colourSomething along those lines. Now what I was looking into doing for a advertisement was a going to be a fashion film focusing on the colours and the different patterns, followed by a behind the scenes film of a photo shoot I am very keen to do to for the ad campaign in evolving body paint the idea was to have two models, with tie-dye designs painted on them to symbolise an embrace of colour and design you can get with Dylon. The plan is two shoot both models separately and then together. But unfortunenly after speaking to a friend in the make-up department at the Arts University College Bournemouth he had allot of work on and couldn’t do it till after his deadline though I should have stuck with this idea and gone ahead this the film and followed up with the fashion shoot after his deadline I dropped the ball and did feel lost and had know idea what to do.

 But one of my peers, Lee Tucker was in an all too similar situation with his project, and we decided it would be a good idea to combine our efforts. We explained our situation to lecturers and we were given the authorisation to work together, and were awarded an extension to our deadline.

 Initially we made the decision to focus the new “ident” concepts on the AUCB itself, rather than individual courses, and this made things much more straightforward. We also decided to use my camera skills as opposed to computer-generated imagery, as this would also speed up the process.

 This project became known as concept “C”, and this title also had some influence in our methodology of creating design concepts. We identified three categories that bore reference to the AUCB; Colour, Craft & Culture, and we planned to create a set of “idents”, each of which that fell into one of those categories. We identified a style of shot that emphasised an unusual perspective, and used this throughout the series of “idents”.

 We formed a list of potential places we could shoot, with the aim of “showing off” the university and it’s surrounding areas to best effect. Using images from the Internet I also created a set of concept proofs, which we used as reference when filming.

I also explored different methods of displaying the overlayed on-screen graphics and text. Lee and I had agreed on using the rounded-square shape of the AUCB logo as a “window” through which the video footage behind it could be seen. I drafted two methods, one where Lee created a 3D model of the AUCB logo and textured it to look like a light refracting glass block, and another more simple idea where the shape of logo was a clear “window” through surrounding frosted glass. We both agreed the latter idea was stronger, however we later adapted it slightly to place the “window” off-centre, which improved the overall composition.


In terms of audio, we used an external composer, to whom we set a fairly open brief which specified run-time, general style required and that it should be both catchy and memorable, and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Which I feel, is a niche in the branding “package” of AUCB, this task also allowed me to build upon my previous skills in cinematography and visual effects using Adobe After Effects and my own camera. I also aim to strengthen my abilities in combining the two through means of compositing. Where possible, I also intend to expand my knowledge and proficiency relating to post-production techniques, including editing, colour grading, rotoscoping, motion tracking and various camera techniques such as pull focus.

Overall this project has been very challenging on a variety of levels, and I believe I have not necessarily worked to the best of my ability as a result. However, I have also learnt a great deal throughout this project, about both branding and myself. I have a better understanding of who I am as a person, and where I would like my career to take me. I am aware that I have certain skills that need improvement, and I now know I work better as a part of a team, and that the accountability that comes with it is a good motivational tool. Which I felt is what I was missing at the start of this project.


About michaelmoore32

An aspiring director and designer of films and visual effects. I love creating various media products of all shapes and sizes. I have recently gone on to broadening my horizons looking towards interactive media which including video mapping as away to display work and also as an advertising platform for products. Check out some of my work on my Blog,YouTube and also follow me on Twitter where I will keep you up to date on work I am currently working on and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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