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Completed short films i have been involved in creating from making props to assistant director.

Rough Edit of Untitled Short Horror Film

Here is the first rough edit of the yet to be titled film i was cinematographer, I also do make a cameo appearance in this short film, anyway I do hope you enjoy it also check out more of F/1.2 video on the Vimeo Channel below.


Behind The Scenes at Sandbanks photoshoot

I really do love Shivji’s work the creator of F/1.2 and you should check out is work at and join the facebook group F/1.2 to keep up to date on his upcoming work​pages/​F12/​214783108550159
I was recently commissioned to create a behind the scenes video with interviews myself and Shivji edited together.

Jade Forster
Vicky Corbett
Sophie Jane Bolger
Marta Fjellheim
Anna Niemotko

Stylist: Sibel Gorur
Make Up: Sibel Gorur
Assisted By: Sophie Jane Bolger
Producer & Interviewer: Shreshtha Trivedi
Production and shoot assistant: Godfrey Borges

Ophelia Project

The Ophelia Project has officially come to a close with today been the last day of the Shift MA Exhibition I am very pleased with the out come of this project and with it been my first installation I feel I have learnt allot at gained a real passion for installation art and am defiantly going to bring what I learnt on this project forward and develop on it even more. You can see the finished piece below please let me no your thoughts and feelings about this project and also I would like to recommend to you a colleague and very close friend of mine’s blog to you who’s idea grew into this project who I also know is eager to here your thoughts. I would also like to thank Ian Hunt for all his help with the filming of this project and his assistants throughout this project you can see his work at

What Would You Say?

Isn’t it funny how so many different people react differently to the same thing? Be it an event, a person or even a question.

After producing a few viral videos and posters and using various social networking sites to drum up public re-ponce.

Armed with a camera and a few props to grab peoples attention myself (Michael Moore) Jamie Carter, Thomas Harrison & Josh Marshall hit the streets of Leeds and ask as many people as we could the same question without any alterations to find out what they would say. This is their answer.

Cops Show Trailers

As part of my course at Leeds City College we were asked to come up with and make a advert so myself and Jamie Carter came up with the idea of producing a Trailer for a new comedy show Cops Show.

This then developed into a short film trailer, which you can see below along with some out takes from filming. This particular trailer was made in Spain where we produced a series of short films with Leeds City College.

Wanderers Never Cease – “Full Of Grace”

Has part of our Short Form Video assignment formed a part of a 14 minute Short Video produced by all 7 Groups in our class in which each group was given a day of the week and a start and end shot our group was Tuesday and our beginning shot had to be of a bus stop and end with a bicycle wheel after shifting though a huge amount of ideas from everyone this is our finished product and you can find out more in the Short Form Video Category.

Bocking — A Jumpers Story

Bocking — A Jumpers Story a short documentary based upon the sport know as Power Bocking featuring a interview with our very own Thomas Harrison a amateur bocker and some stunts performed by professionals and other bockers at all different levels including one first time bocker that falls over allot ME, It is allot harder than it seem to even walk in them than you first think. Produced to show and promote an already worldwide sport, which is still growing.
Produced by Jamie Carter, Myself (Michael Moore), Thomas Harrison and Joshua Marshall while studying at Leeds City College Park Lane Campus.

Film Noir (Untitled Film)

I am still yet to give this film a title. Written by me as apart the short film unit at AUCB the film is based upon the main characters lose of a loved one filmed and produced in one of my favorite film genres Film Noir. Now at first the idea was knocked back my group and so I pitched the idea to another group in my class to see if they liked it and would take it on with myself only getting a writers credit and they did and i was very happy with what they did to the script i grave them and i also hope you like the results also thank you  to Thales Simpson-Kent, Joe McKenzie, Annie Bell, Monna-Yasmin Fawzi and Franny Organ


A Short Film I produced back in 2009 as part of my AS Film Studies course work we were challenged to come up with and create a short horror film, in which i wrote the idea behind the film was the traditional serial killer story line but instead of the serial killer been male i decided the killer should be a female but controlled by a dominant male entirety in her multiple personality’s which she is in battle with which does unfortunately end in…. well am not going to tell you how it end you will just have to watch it.