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EMP Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate the ability to rigorously apply specialist knowledge, understanding and creativity in the production of your extended major project.

I rigorously applied myself using my specialist knowledge, understanding and creativity to this project and this can be seen in the finished piece of work, how we developed our ideas of how the characters act and react on screen to the situations we put them in. This can be seen in Luke’s character as we started out with Luke been some what of a alcoholic, a party goer. Who always had a can of beer in his hands, but this soon changed to a juice box as we felt it just some what added more to the character and having a juice box we felt was funnier and made the character more distinctive. Idea’s like these were developed though a understand of the Misfit and The man of the house in the world of TV and given them a unique twist.

Demonstrate the ability to manage the complexity of practice demanded by the extended major project by managing your time and work efficiently.

We managed our time efficiently between the various areas of the production and this can be seen because we have a piece which is finished to a high standard an we never had to rush in any of the area’s of the production.

Demonstrate ability in the coherent use of various representation techniques, documentation and presentations to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

We have demonstrated a coherent use of various representation techniques, documentation and presentations to our audiences both specialist and non-specialist by really thinking about what our unique selling point and who our audience is.

Demonstrate your awareness of the ethical, social and cultural issues appropriate to the concept of a responsible professional practitioner, whether working independently or as part of a team.

We demonstrate our awareness of the ethical, social and cultural issues by using meta referencing, and use of rather ‘Blue’ themes and realism in characters for example Paul’s homophobia and lack of moral’s and understanding similar to Louie De Palma, Danny DeVito’s character in the 1978 TV series ‘Taxi’ and we laugh at him not with him.


‘Dispossessed’ Pilot Episode

Filming Dispossessed, was a really fun experience filming improv is an extremely hard, this is because it was difficult to find the right place in which to conclude the dialogue between characters and sometimes the dialogue between the actors would go of track and it would be difficult to get them back on track. We tackled this by simply communicating really well with the actors about where they were going wrong, what to keep and what to do more of, we did this for every scene.

Lengthy improvisations like ours were developed over a period of weeks to build characters and story lines. We started with some sketch ideas of how we thought  things might and should develop and yet will not reveal all our intentions to the cast who discover their fate and act out their responses as their destinies are gradually revealed. including significant aspects of their lives which will not subsequently be shown on-screen, The final filming draws on dialogue and actions that were filmed.

Making sure the idea is right for the channel you are submitting to.

I would consider both the BBC and Channel 4 as these are the ideal networks ‘Dispossessed’ would fit into as they both have a great comic output, with show such as Channel 4’s “Inbetweeners” and BBC’s “Parks and Recreation”

Where the programme will sit in the current schedule.

‘Dispossessed’ would need to played after the water shed due to it’s content and use of langue, and I would personally say ten o’clock on a Thursday would be the ideally time to broadcast the show, as it would grab our key demographic which is 17 to 28 due to is content and underlining themes. and the reasoning behind it been shown on a Thursday is because it has less competing programmes in term’s of comedy programming, our biggest competing programme would be BBC Threes’s “Russell Howard’s Good News” and ITV Two’s “Celebrity Juice”.

Celebrity Juice returned for its ninth series on Thursday evening in its regular 10.00 – 10.50pm slot on ITV2, and also celebrated its 100th episode.  The first episode attracted 1.6m (9.1%), leading to a Performance Index of 220.4, and became ITV2′s most watched programme of the year so far.  In addition, repeat transmissions of this episode on Saturday and Sunday night drew in 597,100 (3.2%) and 159,600 (3.0%).

BBC3, Russell Howard’s Good News was back for its eighth run.  The topical show which brings a comedic perspective to the week’s events is produced by Avalon Television, and became BBC3′s third highest rating comedy show ever in November 2010 when an episode in its third series pulled in an impressive audience of 1.2m (7.3%), only being beaten by Little Britain and Gavin & Stacey.  Thursday’s opening episode attracted 779,600 (4.3%) – over 200,000 viewers down on the first episode of Series 7 which drew in 989,300 (4.5%), and losing out in the mutichannel slot ratings to ITV2′s Celebrity Juice, which entertained 1.3m (7.5%).

Defining the format.

‘Dispossessed’ is a Situational Comedy based upon four house-mates  in which one happens to possessed by Demon what makes this show so different and unique is that is completely improv based and we have put a interesting spin on demonic behaviour as we haven’t gone down the traditional routes of demonic behaviour in fact our demon Tony who is possessed by a demon from hell trapped in human form less possessed than the others in the house in fact, as we explore the characters, Tony will pick at these flaws and try to get them to connect with other people and with the house been students allows for interesting twist as been a student is seen as a socially environment and that is what being a student is, been social and being educated I was want this to be a exploration of what being a man today means this is why we have a the main cast as been males and would later introduce females charters as friends and girlfriends.

Character Vignettes

The reason behind these character vignette’s is to simply generate more interest in the series and introduce the audience to the individual characters.

LP Basecraft Logo designs

Logos i designed to go along with Luke’s character vignette in which he plays ‘Tubular Bells’ on a Base Guitar.

Designing the logo for LP Basecraft was a simply task i set myself, as we just wanted a simple logo with a nice grungy typeface and simply grungy sketch of “Cthulu” from HP Lovecraft. this character vignette came from talking with Jay Warner Jones about the character Luke who has grown an attachment to HP Lovecraft and the fact that Jay also play a base guitar so we decided to put these two elements together and create this character vignette.

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Sequence 02.Still001

Orb Central Logo Designs

These logo’s I designed to go along with Paul’s character vignette in which he try’s to explain what orbs are. Again this logo I just wanted to keep it nice an simple and stylish to advertise the show and the shows character Paul, now we didn’t actually use any of these logo’s for this character vignette as they all where too stylish for Paul’s Character and the logo should just be a purposefully  crap title using “Comic Sans” this was because it just fits better with Paul’s character as he wouldn’t take any-time to create a stylish logo.

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Sequence 02.Still002

The Characters

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 09.21.14Mark, Luke and Paul

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 13.15.00

Mark’s Character:-

  • OCD
  • Compulsive
  • A avid film fan
  • Ideally would like to be left alone
  • Hates breaks in his routine

Luke’s Character:-

  • Simple (but smart)
  • Loves Gothic horror especially HP Lovecraft book’s
  • Has an incredible memory

Paul’s Character:-

  • Lazy
  • Wilfully cruel to others
  • Hates being put down
  • Ego centric
  • Likes to be charge and has a need to be
  • Smart but lacks direction


Below is one Teaser Trailer and two Cut Scenes from the series we have deiced to release  as promotionally material for the series as this will help generate hype for the series and also give the commissioning body a idea of the show, and as they a only small pieces there would be more inclined to watch them.

Teaser Trailer


This is a short scene in which we learn a little bit more about Paul and his general arrogance and we see a slightly darker side to Luke, an how they interact with no actual bearing on the story itself.


In this short scene we get further introduced into Mark’s character and see how he deals with mess  and how he try’s to deal with Paul’s belligerent ignorance and me attitude. Again this has no bearing on the story itself, and is purely created to give the audience a deeper insight to the characters.

Behind the Scenes

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VLOG about the shoot:-

Dispossessed is presented by MoorLand

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Final Video:-

EMP Sketch Book

ideas for my EMP if you have any comments or questions please ask

ideas for my EMP if you have any comments or questions please ask














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Vector Graphic Designs

Vector Graphic Designs