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Screen Testing for Future Cinema

Coming towards the end of the this project we decided to test out our final product on various students at AUCB and we did so over about a two day period and got some nice positive feedback and also answered any question they may have had about the project itself, testing out both the mad doctor and pirate versions and we all felt we got greater feedback from the mad doctor version, now i believe this is because of the sharping of the knife in this version makes it quite darker and really brings the audience into the situation we have created for the audience.



9.1 Surround Sound and more

9.1 surround sound now most people like myself before we started on this unit only really new about 5.1 surround sound and a little bit about 7.1 surround sound but after doing a little bit of research this caught my eye 9.1 surround sound,

“It’s true that most sources at the moment have 5.1 surround sound. Expect this to change in the future.

That said, a 7.1-channel A/V receiver will include technology that creates the two additional rear channels in a 7.1 system from any 5.1 source. The extra channels improve the surround sound 3D audio effect, particularly the ambience. And you’ll be ready when native 7.1-channel content becomes more common.”

what 9.1 does is it goes a step further than the 7.1 and adds height to sound particularly atmospheric sound such as wind and rain it also will add height to  music scores also this is something i would love to hear for myself to see if you could hear a storm coming over head and such. What we have done is taken the 7.1 system looked at those two extra speakers and replaced those to speakers for the binaural sound recording which could come through speakers in the head rests of your sofa or thorough headphones which would ideally be wireless or could be plugged into your AV receiver creating a kind of 6.1 as we are missing the subwoofer to take all the low frequency sounds such as base ect…

9.1 Surround Sound video

“A 9.1-channel system adds two front height channels to a 7.1-channel system. The height channels add more depth and spaciousness to the sound. Height channels require specific technology, such as Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz, built into the receiver. With this technology, the height channels can also be part of a 7.1 system, as an alternative to the usual rear surrounds.

Height audio is derived from spatial cues that occur naturally in soundtracks, so you won’t need any special sources.”

also these days you can also get a 22.1 surround sound set-up which i personally feel is too much, but i guess i can not say that really as i have not experienced it’s set up in its full glory.

(below is an example of how it could be set-up)

Behind the scenes film

For this unit I was placed in charge along with Alex of the Behind the scenes film we all gave our input and took a turn in filming on various formats from smarts phones to a DSLR camera and what I have been doing is editing as we have been going long as you can imagine this amounts to allot of footage and editing this piece has been quite tough to edit down as we have put allot of work and had allot of discussions and I do want to show that to everyone really and take them though the process because I found this project very interesting and fun to do, so far I have it at around 12 minutes in length but watching it doesn’t really feel that long because they is allot going on and the group do feel the same after been given feed back the first daft of the behind the scenes film I put in black and white and added a cinema scope to it and played round with brightness and contrast to give it a very stylised look which myself and Ian really liked but Alex and Lee felt it didn’t really add anything too it and felt that it would perhaps be better to lose both the effects I had used and keep it natural which I am inclined to agree with so I have done just that but please let me know what you think about it and if you have any questions about the process please ask I will be more than happy to help.

Ian’s Idea Proved Wrong

During this process we had several ideas and theory’s on how we could produce the finished product, and below is just one of the many we had as group, that myself and the group felt we should share with you, for one reason particular because it shows how just a single an idea no matter how daft can help progress a project, well that is how I feel.

1st Test, Recording 5.1 Surround Sound and Binaural Sound

We first started by investergating ways in which we would be able to record both the 5.1 surround sound along with the binaural sound, particually where to place the the shotgun microphones to capture 5.1, as in the perious day we had done a test of how the binaural sound recorded and how it would work in the recording stuido, now it was time to move out of the recording studio as with very little space to move around in the recorinding studio we moved into the film studio, at first we set the four shotgun microphone out into a square shape so to give space for our actress Alex to move around the dummy head which had the binaural headphone attached to it.

We then plugged the shotgun microphone into a digital audio recorder (Fostek FR-2LE field recorder) and then simply used the MacBook Pro’s line input and was recorded using Audacity a free audio editor and digital sound recorder to record the binaural sound.

However this initial set-up did not give us the separation we were looking for, we supected this was because we were using shotgun microphones which are directional microphones, so after a discussion with the group on how we should go about getting more sparation we came to concultion we should put them around the dummy head point outwards, towards the four corners of the room, this provided a great improvement to channel separations.

We then went on to go though a few run throughs of the script before again after a short break and a discussion we decided to move the mirophones out again but this time bringing them closer in and angling them at 45 degrees towards the action and extended the microphone stands to a approxmet 3.5 metere hieght, the reason for trying this so just purely to see what would give us the best separation after going through a few more run throughs we came to the conclution the we had the best separation when the microphone were in the middle with the dummy head.

Here is Video of Our First Test in the Sound Proof Studio

Future Cinema (Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” Video Blog 4)

In the latest video blog from Peter Jackson’s take on “The Hobbit” he discusses 3D and how they a shooting it which i thought i would share with you, as it does relate to what i am working on in my Future cinema and give you a great insight into how these types of films are made which i do find fascinating. Impartially when Peter talks about audio and the frame rate in which the film is captured in which is not the traditional 24 frames per second on “The Hobbit they are actually shooting at 48 frames per second. This is because our eyes see at about 60 frames a second, and 48 frames is a good number as it immerses the audience allot better than the traditional 24 frames and that added to shooting a 5k resolution makes for allot of data as you can image and all the added to surround sound give incredible depth and turns the cinema screen into a window to another very real world which is what we are trying to add to by adding the binaural sound element to a narrative.



The Power of Sound (Research)

As i continued my research into the future of cinema, impartially audio i came across this interesting article by Timothy Ryan from PSFK, in which he looks into augmented audio games which have spurred fitness by immersing them in a zombie infested world, the game is called Zombie Run. this i believe works on a similar way to the audio we have recored but sadly i am not to sure as i don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone but if you do please download it and let me know what you think to it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you see games are developing to make themselves more immersive using audio by not only creating games such as Zombie Run which i am sure we will see more of over the next few months, but they have also had the gaming chair for years with two speakers right by your ears in the chair so you can hear an enemy when they are coming at you and this integrated with a surround sound system will give you the distance, this is how i think cinemas should be or will be like in the next few years and this what we are trying to prove in this brief and prove how it can improve the cinema experience.

You can read the Full Article on Zombie Run on the PSFK web address below.

The Power of Sound

The power of sound, sound has the power to make a powerful statement and evoke all kinds of emotions in the music we hear everyday on our ipods, smart phones and Mp3 devices the original idea came from Alex one of our group members, at first we looked at the virtual barber shop and listened to that quite a few times and we decided that we wanted to our own version of this but integrate 5:1 surround sound to had depth to the audio because with the virtual barber you can generally only hear if the barber is to the left or right of you, this idea quickly changed to looking into 7:1 surround sound in order to play the binaurally sound and the surround sound at the exact same time.

Put on some headphones listen to the “Virtual Barber Shop” below but don’t forget to close your eyes.

we are endeavouring on creating two recordings, one with a Russian doctor and one with Pirate both sperate scripts but both the same idea to evoke fear in the audience but i feel it came across a bit more as a comedy but the idea is monday we test is out as a halloween special at the uni grabbing as many people as we can to test it out and find out where we need to improve and if it is actually comedy or it does put people on edge.

this is a test of the pirate version so put your headphones in close your eyes and have a listen.

more coming soon

Total Immersion (Future Cinema Ideas)

I would like your comments on this following proposal for a total immersion in which you become the villain, hostage, the damsel in distress or even the hero in a film in a very simple and unique way. By taking the channel format from silent disco headphones and instead of changing the channel and the DJ you are listening to changing. you change the point of view of the characters eyes essentially been able to see and hear events unfolding by putting this system onto virtual reality head sets.

Do you think this is something people could be interested in, would you like become the hero or the villain? Very such like the 1980’s game books which is basically a similar  thing it is a interactive piece of fiction which for example,

You enter the marble-clad forum to discover a GHOUL feasting on a corpse. Do you want to:

  • Attack the GHOUL? (Turn to 203)
  • Use your Potion of Persuasion, if you have one? (Turn to 288)
  • Try to sneak around? (Turn to 17)


Could you imagine being able to change between those 8 characters in the film Vantage Point? which i think would be good starting point because it is 8 different characters watching one event and being able to change between them could add to the story line in mean just as a starting point you could look at using marks or hidden numbers within a film to encourage people to change channel or not.

after doing further research i did find how to make your own virtual reality goggles which is quite interesting tho it will not host the channel system but it will be a good first step.

Definitely worth a go.

The content can be filmed in the same way in which the Peep Show is filmed, this will also keep social aspects of going to the cinema.

© Michael Moore 2011

Adding the 4th Element

Adding a 4th element to the gaming world is the next step to adding to the gaming/cinema experience, I have been reading an article on the daily mail website written back in 2009, the article I find extremely interesting and am wondering how I can create and add this system to a installation which will comeplty capsulate the audience with out using the scratch card like the ones used in the recently released film “Spy Kids 4D”. In an article below from the Daily Mail it discusses how the Ministry of Defence is part-funding a project in which foul smells are released into the air during training videos so that recruits literally learn to sniff out trouble. Now I am particular interested in how this technology has moved on from it’s then infant state.

An it has a company called “Scent Sciences” have devlopt and are bringing to market the “ScentScape” an innovtive digital scent delivery system which rather looks like a toaster and it due out sometime this year and is priced at a very reasonable $69.99 but what I am most interested in is the developers kit which is retailed at  $995.00 you can find out more on there website.

 (Time 3.58)

Future Cinema Research/Ideas

Future Cinema Research/Ideas

Shaw, Hegedues & Lintermann: – Configuring the Cave, Responsive Environment (1996)

This whole idea and concept really do like by moving an object in this case a Mannequin change the environment and the sounds around you.

I would like to do something like this and find out how it is do but using lots of different props and mix things up, by taking a lounge for example and the audience will come in and interact with all the objects in there for example they pick up a Lamp and the mood of the room changes there in the country side maybe even the Lamp make a strange noise or they sit and couch and it turns to night in the desert and all you and see is the stars and all they here are bugs in the distance.

Another idea would be to look into greater detail into the holographic video productions which is another concept I like and you can see an example of this in a performance by Black Eyed Peas but I want to find out does it work up close an example of this I have found from Musion and you can find them at

Sticking with the holographic film they is also this I found on BBC Click a programme I do highly recommend to people this discusses the possibility of holographic TV’s which are at the moment in there infancy, but could be set to take over from 3D you can listen to the full report by visiting the site below.