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Flash Musical Note Video Wall one step forward (Performance Video)

The idea behind this is to see if i could create a touch screen video wall which in theory i have managed to do it in a very similarly fashion to in B-Flat now to upgrade this and make it better by creating a Wii-Mote based smart board using the same method as Johnny Chung Lee which I have looked at in the past and is simple to do.



Idea’s for Performance Video

Based on what Kaye posted on the the Digital Media Production Facebook page i have decided to dive in to the world of Flash and try to create a very simple racing or balloon shooting game where the user has to get from A to B or shoot key’s/notes which in turn create music and this will change every time you play i would also like to keep video’s  as a clip or perhaps playing in the corner of the screen or just keep them for end credits.

Performance Video Inspiration and Ideas

First i came across this collaborative piece called In B-Flat, when i was in college it was shown to me by tutor and i do very much like it, it is a very simple idea that is done very well which i believe is done by selecting good content. Now how he did this was by simply sending out an e-mail which had simple instructions.


-Sing or play an instrument, in Bb major. Simple, floating textures work best, with no tempo or groove. Leave lots of silence between phrases.
-Record in a quiet environment, with as little background noise as possible.
-Wait about 5-10 seconds to start playing.
-Total length should be between 1-2 minutes.
-Thick chords or low instruments don’t work very well.
-Record at a low volume to match the other videos.
-You can listen to this mix on headphones while you record.
-After you upload to YouTube, play your video along with the other videos on this page to make sure the volume matches.

and they have been some very cool adaptations of this which i would also like to introduce you to as well, and the artist does say on his Frequently Asked Question part of his site, which in did take the above set of instructions from ( he does invite people to create there own interruption of this, which is very cool and they are two which really do stand out for me which i think you should try out and they are, one has an added mixer interface which works nicely ( another is the YouCube in which you have to embed different video into a cube which is made very easy tho it does take a while to load but be patient, (

they is even  a Bb Budda Machine (

Now this simple idea i do want to add to and has a group we have each come up with different ways in which we can build upon this idea but yet still keeping nice and simple and focusing on content and not so much the tech even though it is a important element it is not has important to me as the content.

But i would also like to look at something like its which is similar to In B-flat, but on a much much larger and complex scale but which i do still think is amazing, and that is the Lips Number One Hits advert with Lily Allen but instead of each video like in, In B-flat being a building block of a song/soundtrack the video’s in this advert are not only the building blocks for a song but for an entire image in this case of Lily Allen performing.


Behind the Scenes look at how the advert was made

Nike – Write Your Headline

Another advertising that uses other objects to create and build images but this time through the form of text message, tweets ECT… is the Nike – Write Your Headline which is an installation which was exhibited across a custom built screen measuring 44 meters high, the biggest in the southern hemisphere in Soccer City, Johannesburg.

The piece was a dynamic animation system that pulled moderated text submitted by fans from a variety of Nike digital social spaces (managed by Deeplocal in Pittsburgh, USA) across the screen and into a giant animation of World Cup player portraits. Multiple text feeds built up each image, which pictured the player that the fans text submissions referred to, and is an awesome piece of work you can see the video of this (

Bon-Jovi – Circle Tour

Another thing that i was shown last year by a house mate of mine which i did quite like was the Bon-Jovi home town tribute contest which they did last year as a part of there circle tour in which the band invited member of each city they were visiting to pick up a camera and film themselves in there hometowns singing, dancing ECT..  to Living On a Prayer.   

Programing Ideas (Multipurpose toolkit) as well as MaxMSP is something i am going to look into as a programming tool to control MIDI Outputs for our video’s we are going to shoot.

The Main Idea.

The main idea we have for this unit came from the Lee Tucker you can see is blog at which i do think you should check out, the idea is that we film a Choir sing and hold for as long as possible different note and keys and then around that build a MIDI interface for a keyboard to play the video’s of the choir this will be laid out in the form of a video wall which will be projected on to a wall. This is the main premise of the idea and for the actual performance we have the piano been played and the choir themselves singing just by the video wall which will be acting as the backing track.

extra bits to add the end product we are planning to make. 

Then of the back of this once all this is completed Alex came up with the idea to change the small keyboard for a giant keyboard mat and act out a song like Chopsticks in the film “BIG” starring Tom Hanks and invite people to also have a go which i do very much like the idea of as i think performance is something that brings people together for a single moment which is not always the same twice.

but also with the footage we get i want to of the back of this is attempt to create a sound track and edited like “Godley and Creme – Cry” Music Video or even make a video wall out of YouTube video like in b-flat but have it auto play a sound track, now this does sound like allot of work but i feel we can do some of it as a group and i would like to work further on this after the deadline as past to complete these little extra bits as I feel they would be nice to do.

Anyway please let me know what you think.

Ophelia Project

The Ophelia Project has officially come to a close with today been the last day of the Shift MA Exhibition I am very pleased with the out come of this project and with it been my first installation I feel I have learnt allot at gained a real passion for installation art and am defiantly going to bring what I learnt on this project forward and develop on it even more. You can see the finished piece below please let me no your thoughts and feelings about this project and also I would like to recommend to you a colleague and very close friend of mine’s blog to you who’s idea grew into this project who I also know is eager to here your thoughts. I would also like to thank Ian Hunt for all his help with the filming of this project and his assistants throughout this project you can see his work at

Hamlet Installation Hits the Recording Studio

Today we hit the recording studio to record the vocals of the lovely Abbie for the soundtrack to the installation i am putting together this week the recording is just of one iconic line from hamlet “get thee to a nunnery” the vocals were edited to have a echo affect in order to had more impact to the vocals which i feel it does and am very happy with the vocals we got for the soundtrack i am creating and i feel it will add to finished piece immensely.

Hamlet Exhibition Video Mapping Test Video

(20/07/11) Video uploaded from my mobile phone to YouTube of my third test of video mapping with Modul8 onto the boxes as you can see it still needs allot of tweaking, the video’s are not in sync with other and the position and rotation of some the video’s needs altering to make them all fit nicely together. This i will be continuing to work on though out the next few days and have one more video shoot tomorrow (21/07/11) to get the last few shots we need. Then it is time for us to start setting up the room and getting all the boxes and the projector into the positions we need and paint/re-paint the room and boxes the room will be painted black and the boxes will be re-painted white. The reason for this is to enhance the projected images and draw the audience in even more. I will make sure i keep you up to date on my progress with this project.

Hamlet video shot

(14/07/2011) Today was the day off the shot in which the lovely actress Robynne came in from London to play ophilea for the hamlet installation the shot ran very smoothy and looking back at the footage i am happy with the result it is now time to start the work in post syncing the movements from both the cameras together ready to be video mapped on to the boxes.


Hamlet Installation Art (Work Placement)

Ophelia’s Gone MAD

Continuing on from Midsummer and working with Samantha we have now begun to undertake a installation piece for the MA exhibition based upon Hamlet in which Ophelia goes mad. Now the idea for this is to send the audience into the mind of Ophelia and visual map projections of her on to different sized boxes which will represent her state of mind her sanity and innocence trapped inside. we are scheduled to film and record the voice-overs of the actress we have to play Ophelia for Thursday 14th July.

Midsummer Work placement

Now i am not whether i can count this towards towards my work placement but the Midsummer Nights Dream project i have recently completed helping out Samantha Else a MA student at AUCB certainly as been experience working with software i never used before Module 8 a piece of VJing software which allows you to visual mix images together. We used this in a live performance of Midsummer in which the projections became the fairy world in which Puck and Oberon would be for some of there lines. After initially working on getting use to the software it came to hard part getting the timings right between the live actors and the projections with next to no rehearsal time but we did mange to pull it of with a few last minute tweaks in a last minute run though but sadly during the performance one actor did fluff up his line which did affect the timings a little but lucky i did manage to pull back my timing by pausing the video feed but this still meant i was out by a second or too but overall for my first time i thought it went okay and i did learn allot for next time.

Midsummer Nights Dream (projections)

I am helping one of my fellow students at AUCB with filming and projecting of two of the actors for the Shakespeare play “Midsummer Nights Dream” and am projecting them on to two pieces cloth to symbolise the two characters shifting between worlds. Sounds simple enough but the trick is the timing and suddenly thought to myself what about using pressure mats as switches or even a Wii fit board during the performance to active the set lines and movements of the pre-recorded footage but i would ideally like the projections to be in real-time but would the projections be easier been pre-recorded so could use a Wii fit board to allow me to give more movement to both the projections and the actors by allowing me to have the actors half in projections and half in the human form shall we say, because the Wii fit detects balance and the body positions.

This does feel as if it will work in theory

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Now the only question is how to send that data to the computer and getting the computer to process it that is the really tricky part i think.