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Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is it vital we show our support and show our governments across the world we do care about the environment this as a single-city initiative Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has grown worldwide into a hope and movement for change.

This Earth Hour 2011: 8.30pm, tonight, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world.

So turn your lights off.


Creating a characters in Mudbox

I First started with a basic Human Body base mesh and started playing round with the wax and foamy brushes to first deform the body and add various rock and root shapes, once i was happy with it i began work on adding texture to the rock shapes my next task i have set myself is to create add the textures for the roots. Once this is done i will then start adding a skin texture to fill in the gaps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also in order to teach myself more about Mudbox i have been as you can see developing more characters in order to teach myself how to pose and position characters and also learning all the different ways i can texture different base meshes to get realistic look tho none of my character look quiet really at the moment i am learn how i can make them more realistic the more i continue to experiment with the programmes stamps, stencils and various sculpting tools this programme has to offer.

Title Sequences and My Idea’s

The motion graphic used in these title sequences are really good and will quite possibly the sort of thing I want to recreate elements of in after effects but for the The Wolverine film because I really think it will look really good the way in which in this title sequence we see the suit come together we this time see how wolverine gets his adamantium placed into him and how he is now in Japan using comic book images and also use sketches of Wolverine in black and right and colour similar to the image below, I feel it should work well.

Light Painting Animations

After seeing one of fellow class mates Dave Sheldon using the Holographium app on his IPhone i was suddenly struck with inspiration to develop my own vision of the app but instead of using letters and numbers create a story from in your hands like a pop up book but in 3D space after looking in more detail at the app Franz Bruckhoff made using X-Code and at the video that inspired him (video below) made me want to even more develop and create a kind of 3D pop up story book using these same methods only expanding on them a little more.

Self-Image Project (The Change of Plan and Why)

My self-image project as not been a easy one for one trying to think of a creative idea that expresses yourself what you like and even what you dislike. now my originally idea was to create a interactive white board and allow my peers to interact with images of myself and things i liked such as books and films ect..

The idea behind this project was to show the my peers how I love interactive media and also show them what i liked in a every different way.
I did this using a computer, a projector, a Wiimote and software that was free to use from Johnny Chung Lee’s website.


This was very simple to do and it all worked the the problem was allowing people to interact with images and alter them this is where i hit a brick wall as they say so i decided not to give up on the idea but to come back to it and keep coming back to it till i have mange to complete this project.

But… I still had to hand something in so i decided to do a 2D pixel animation based upon retro computer games like Pac-Man so i got to work and brought some graph paper and drew a few character designs and ideas for the environment in which the character would move and interact with.
Once I had done this I got to work animating my designs I did this using Adobe Flash CS5 by first switching on the show grid and snap to grid applications this would make it much easier to draw out and set out drawing my designs out starting out with my very simple design based upon Pac-Man.

Once I had drawn out my design I began to animate my character moving it slightly frame by frame this took a while and now with four done I decided to place these into Adobe Première Pro CS5 and see what they would like once all put together with a soundtrack taken from Pac-Man.

Let me know what you think.

Level 1: – Media,
Because I love the media industry and is something I highly enjoy and would like it to be my future place of work.

Level 2: – Books,
Because I do on a evening like to read books some of my favourites are “Yes Man”, “Friends Like These” by Danny Wallace and “World War Z” by Max Brooks.

Level 3: – Going Out (Illustrated with Image of Drinks)
Because I like going out with my friends socialising and meeting new people.

Level 4: – Jokes
Again because I like to hang out with my friends and have a laugh with them and just relax with them and talk.

Now my only problem was it only lasts 31 seconds and I think it needs to last longer so my next plan is again another 2D pixel animation but this time Influenced by the old Super Mario games I have my character designed all I need to do I to figure out how to animate the character and make it look like he is walking in Adobe Flash CS5.

So my next plan was to again do another 2D pixel animation but this time Influenced by the old Super Mario games have designed characters and coins now all had to do was animate them decided do in as you can see it success as you can see at the very bottom of this post.
I did this time using Adobe Photoshop CS5 i first drew out the images in individual layers i also copied a few such as the coins and my character so i had one facing to the left and one to the right i then began to animate frame by frame the reason behind animating it frame by frame was so I could have slightly more control and could ensure my animation was smooth.

Once I had done this I then exported it out at as a Quicktime Movie and began building the end product in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 fitting all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle and adding various elements such as Music, Sound FX, Bars and Tones to add something to the beginning, and titles speaking of which i haven’t come up with a title for the end product any suggestion?

Viral Video Edit 1

I have chosen to become co-editor of the Capture the Moment Viral video and have been given the task of producing a video entitled The Set-Up and The Tricks After The Moment documenting us setting up the for the main viral and a few shot of the bikers doing tricks and so far this is what I have done.


Editing in Adobe CS5

and a test edit to show the rest of my group what i have done so far and ask them what they think and ask them if they have any ideas about the sound track i should use.

Hear is a little taster of what i have done so far.

Another Idea for my Self-Image Project

Just another idea i had for a self image project. Here we go now i don’t actually know if you have seen the original music video to Wet Wet Wet’s song Love Is All Around (video and stills below) but i had the best idea that i think may describe my personality like in the video i use boards and project a sequence of still and moving images on to my face to start with so it lights up half my face and then pick up on of the boards you see the title of the short film (timing will be essential) and then into more moving and still images and also if i have someone taking stills also I can use those in my original idea using the interactive white board at a later date. How does that sound? i think it could work really well, well it does in my head so on my to do list is:

White boards
Book Studio with lights for props
Book out a Sony Z5
Ask Emma to take photo’s
and Build the sequence i am going to use (This is the first thing i must do)

3D Character Design Syncing the Sound for the Jack in a Box

You can pretty much see what am trying to do with my new 3D Character design for the Jack in a box character but it is really hard as for some reason Maya will not let me import audio and this makes it even harder to sync them both together.

………But i am getting there slowly or at least i think i am

Autodesk Mudbox

Now this is a amazing bit of kit for any budding 3D artists and i can not wait till i get my computer and have a play around on it, it just looks so amazing the detail you can go into and possibilities for things you can create seem endless, below is a example of the shorts of things you can do using Mudbox.


processing i find really difficult to get my head round it’s the language in which you have to input data that i find difficult but with practise i am slowly getting the hand of it what i find makes it allot easier to use is some small graph paper and draw it out by hand to start with and then making notes about what information i think i need to enter to make it work in processing. Below are few images created using the tutorials on the processing website, time to create some of my own i think i will let you know how it goes.