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My Remake of the Tron Legacy Titles


Coming Together

My re-make and re-creation of the Tron Legacy title sequence seems to be coming along slowly but surely, but i can’t help feel that 2 minutes for a title sequence can be too long please let me know what you think to my title sequence so far and if you think perhaps 2 minutes is too long?

The reason for using Trapcode Form on this title sequence to give it a real organic like water yet have a very computerised which is what i feel the film is based upon and i felt Trapcode Form gave the title sequence that feeling.

Torn Legacy Character Introduction (Bruce Boxleitner)

For Bruce Boxleitner intro for my titles I have decided to Texturise a Mudbox base mesh to look like Tron and once i had done that i imported the model into Maya and started adding joints using the joint tool.

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Tron Legacy Titles (So Far)

Adding the Cast to my title sequence.

First i decided to do the dude that is Jeff Bridges firstly i got a video of him from a interview he did with Time magazine now ideally he would say the words i have edited him to but you get the idea. i then placed the footage in After Effects and using the amazing plugin Trapcode Form and using it’s features such as displacement maps ECT..

but before i could do that i had to alter the footage i had and use the effect colourama which can be found under colour correction i when set this to ramp which turned the footage black and white i then added a extra black and white to spectrum and moved them around to give it a more dramatic look once this was done i dragged this comp into another comp and turned the eye symbol off as i didn’t need it and the created a new solid. Then i simply added the Trapcode Form effect to the solid and then begun to play around.

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Title Sequence (TRON)

I have decided to recreate the title sequence to the film Tron i am first going to build a Light Cycle using Maya and it’s various tools such as the CV and EP curve tools and by also using a technique know as lofting these are all techniques i have never used before but i thought i may give it a go and throw myself in at the deep end as they say and so far am getting there very slowly. i have had to start again a few time to get the curve tools to do what i want them to do and the lofting technique is hard to use when trying to get the curves right in order for is to make a 3D object rather than a flat plane but i am sure i will get there in the end, I final did manage to get my CV curve tool to curve for the front tyre by adding a little lip at the top and bottom the curves this gave me more of a 3D shape to the front part of the bike.

For my final sequence of the film titles for my post production module at AUCB, i decided to create a very simple Tron Legacy title using the font from the film i downloaded from and just simple made each individual letter come in from various directions and also made them each flicker. I then copied the composition and simply flipped it round to create a refection this was all very straight forward and simple. However the next task is to introduce my 3D light Cycle model i have been creating in Maya into After Effects this i do feel is where it will get a little bit tricky but once my light cycle has been put into After Effects i will then have the light cycle simply go across the screen followed by a streak of blue light. This will then be placed just after the short cinematic i am currently creating in Maya.

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Gregg Mutt

What can i say about this it is very unique and I am very interested in how this was done it looks amazing and the character is really quite funny anyway check out and lets us know if you have any ideas how you may think this is done.

Plus I love his t-shirt in the video below I wonder if Simon Pegg or Nick Frost as seen this?

Psyop creates 3D animated pop-up book for ad campaign

This advert I really like it tells the story clearly, simply and cleanly. Done using Maya along side After Effects it is I feel well put to together and is defiantly something i want to look in to how it was done and try it for myself for a short story. Anyway check it out and if you have any ideas on how this was done please do tell.

Shot ‘Em Up End Titles

Now this end credits I really like the motion graphics produced for this reminds me some what of the famous James Bond title sequences in some parts but also reminds me of Saul Bass’s title work in the font the way the figures interact with it and the way text is positioned on screen take a look and let us know what you think,

Title Sequences and My Idea’s

The motion graphic used in these title sequences are really good and will quite possibly the sort of thing I want to recreate elements of in after effects but for the The Wolverine film because I really think it will look really good the way in which in this title sequence we see the suit come together we this time see how wolverine gets his adamantium placed into him and how he is now in Japan using comic book images and also use sketches of Wolverine in black and right and colour similar to the image below, I feel it should work well.