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Filming the Short Form

During the filming of “Wanderers Never Cease” we had a few problems one of which was that one of our location was shut off due to the cinema being shut, which meant the ally way we originally planned to shoot the waking up scene had to be crapped lucky we found another ally way with a old broken telephone box in which was perfect and gave us an interesting object to shoot though for the waking up scene which is kind of the thing i wanted to in for the cafe scene i suggested to the group in our production meeting using the oceanarium cafe a and filming the intro to that scene though one of the fish tanks there with the tramp looking at the fish. I also had another idea for the wake up scene to go along with the fairy tale theme i felt the story had, the idea was that it be at the beach underneath the pier given the tramp a troll like feeling with the packet of cigarettes falling on the beach and the tramp crawling out with a bottle in hand, this way we could get a great shot of the sunrise, but sadly this couldn’t have worked as the film had to start with a bus stop. Other ideas i had was that perhaps the tramp would also play golf and that the wash scene could be at the pavilion to include a shot of the tramps reflection in the water this would have been the second to last to symbolise him looking over his life/day.

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Making of….

Hand held footage of the Digital Media Production 1st year class busy having production meetings, editing and filming as you can see myself and lee are busy filming the on the blue screen for “Wanderers Never Cease” but this blue screen footage was eventually dropped from the finished edit because it would make the film too long and didn’t add enough to the storyline.


Short Form Film (Ideas)

Having to pitch our ideas for the short form film unit at university to our groups, our group toyed around with many, many ideas from the films with a gorilla and a banana, to an idea me and Lee came up with a film about a book and it’s characters spilling out into the our wold this would have included live and 3D designed characters interacting with the main actor/actress.

One other idea I scripted and wrote was a film based upon a man moaning the passing of his girlfriend filmed in the style of film noir and having the main actress wearing a red dress the original idea was to have the film all in black and white apart from the red dress. i wanted to keep it very classic and smart with the shots i had scripted out, but this idea unfortunately did not get picked by my group but i then having faith in my own idea i pitched it to one of the other groups and the took on my idea and i feel produced a great short film tho unfortunately i could only go out filming with them on one evening due to work 😦

and this is the finished result.

A Change of Name and the Making of Complete.

With our short form film now complete we decide to change the and thanks to Lee our senior editor the final film is now called Wanderers Never Cease – “Full Of Grace”. I have also just completed my editing together a small sequence from the behind the scenes we filmed during film. Lee has also just produced a small website for the film with links to the finished two minute short and the making of which i do hope you enjoy. As much as i have enjoyed seeing this project come together.

Tramp’s Tale (Ian’s Moments)

Tramp’s Tale (Ian’s Moments) are just a few of the highlights from the making of the AUCB short form film production based on the story of a curious tramp.

Short Form Film (Tramp’s Tale)

A AUCB short form film production based on the story of a curious looking tramp played by Ian Hunt a Student at AUCB. i decided to edit to the film to Beethoven No.9 Symphony as i felt it fitted quite well with action in the background as well as the foreground. Now the reason for Back & White along with contrast & brightness levels being changed i felt gave it a classical silent movie look which i feel drives the piece along quite nicely. I have done another edit of this in which it is just the contrast & brightness i altered to really bring out the colour in the short film this also gave it a very stylised look and after watching them side by side i decided i would go with the black & white i thought it did look better than the one not in black & white.

Please let me know what you think.

I then decide to use the footage to create a very abtract version of the film way and have ago at using after effects to condense the footage into two little orbs to try and tell the story in a very different way it doesn’t really work due to footage being distorted but it does create some interesting images.

Lets us know what you think.

Make-Up for our Short Form Film

I decided that for our short form film to ask one of my good friends Mark a make-up student at AUCB to help myself and the production team out by doing make-up for our short form film in which our main character is homeless and Mark kindly agreed to do this for us.

Living Life Though a Cash Machine

The idea behind this short form film based around how much we use and waste.

Using TimeLapse to speed up the high street.


DVD players, home computers, even two cars have become the norm for many people.
According to the Office for National Statistics, a decade ago just 29 per cent of households owned a personal computer. With tumbling prices and electronics becoming ever-more consumer friendly, now 70 per cent of households own a computer.

This is trumped by ownership of mobile phones – with 78 per cent having one, up from just 20 per cent a decade ago – and ownership of DVD players, with nearly nine in ten of all households owning a player.

And for the first time ever, there are more households that own two cars than who do not own a car at all.

Back in 1971 a mere 6 per cent of households could afford the luxury of two cars, while nearly half – 48 per cent – did not own one at all.
By 2007 that had changed to 23 per cent owning no car and 27 per cent owning two.

By Harry Wallop 8:00AM BST 16 Apr 2009 (But is this a good thing this is one of the key points I want to look at in this short form film)

Do we as people actually live though a cash machine.

Mood Board 2 (Film Noir)

These Images and video below are to give you the idea and desired look for my short form video piece I want to be able to use slightly odd and obscure angles to enhance the mood and mystery I want in cased in this short film I have been working on more coming soon……

Mood Board (Film Noir)

Images of the short of look and style for the Film Noir influenced story i have been working on

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Hardkor 44 coming soon…..

This looks like this is a film we should all be defiantly be keeping an eye out for directed by Tomek Baginski director of various short films Undo, The Cathedral and Fallen Art this feature length film this film looks to be the science fiction re-writing and re-imagining the events of World War 2. Co-produced by the Warsaw Uprising Museum and judging by the concept art seen below it looks like we are in for treat it’s expected release is in 2012 I can personally not wait to see what it looks like on the big screen.