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‘Incarcerated’ is an interactive, experiential installation project created by Al Hodgson and is designed to portray political imprisonment in China, Iran and Burma, exhibited through the plight and stories of three human rights activists currently imprisoned within these countries. and the first of these exhibitions will represent imprisoned human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng (China), student activist Tun Oo (Burma), and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran).


Looking into the Wild Installation (Kit)

This will be perfect of the into the wild installation i am currently planning to detect when people come close.

Hope I have sparked your interest?

more information coming soon.

Infrared Proximity Sensor Long Range – Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F

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(Distance measuring sensor units that are available with analogue or digital outputs. The devices consist of a combination of position sensitive detector, infrared emitting diode and signal processing circuitry.

Device performance is further enhanced by using triangulation for sensing, so that variations in object reflectivity, ambient temperature and operating duration do not affect performance.

Suitable applications for these devices include: touch-less switches, energy saving sensors and amusement machines.)